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Getting Noticed

Getting Noticed

We've probably all been there. Everyone is smiling perfectly. The light is gorgeous. The family is dressed to the nines. But Junior just WILL NOT LOOK AT YOU!

We have a trick for that.

PEZ dispensers.

You fit them into your hot shoe and say "Look at Mickey!" (Or whoever happens to be residing in your hot shoe.)

First you need a Pez dispenser.

Then you will need to trim off a bit of the rounded edges at the top of half of the bottom part. (See, aren't you glad I'm showing images here?)

If you leave those rounded edges on, it won't fit into the hot shoe, which defeats the whole purpose. So using a pair of sharp scissors, carefully trim off that overlapping edge.

One it is snipped, it is ready to go!

Insert it into your hot shoe!

Don't really set your camera like this often. I am just showing where it goes.

Ta da! It gives everyone (even the adults) somewhere to focus to get those always-wanted-everyone-looking-and-smiling pictures! Easy peasy, rice and cheesy!

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