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Getting your photography clients to Google+

Getting your photography clients to Google+

Jenna-3edit1web1 (1)So everyone is talking about the AMAZING photography community on Google+.  They are absolutely correct.  It is amazing.  Petty drama and bickering are non-existent.  People are reaching out and helping each other to get established and excited.  It's a pretty cool and hopeful feeling.

The chances for education are endless.  There are groups and images everywhere.  (If you're interested, stop by our constructive criticism forum where we have a lot of lively, but polite, conversation going on.  We're even working towards CPP certification.  Indeed.)

And of course, the hot topic of the moment, the SEO opportunities.  Working with Google+ and getting your website linked and going will mean that all of your posts and +1s and follows will be pushing you up the organic Google search scale.  In fact, at this point, NOT being on Google+ is probably hurting you more than you know.

But if the general public is only JUST starting to see that Facebook is no longer meeting their needs and starting to realize that Google+ is a very viable alternative, how is it going to help you with customers?

Well, this is my plan, and it is genius, if I do say so myself.  ;)

Our plan with Pure has always been to do multiple sneak peeks for clients, so they stay excited about their images.  But one of THE most exciting sneaks for clients is the one that happens a day or so after the shoot.  Our new plan is to direct the clients to Google+ to see their new sneak peeks.  We will also do a little contest where if they can get a certain number of friends and family members to add us to a circle and follow us and comment on the image (so we know they came from the client!), then we will throw in a free product.

Ok, so they came ONCE.  How does that help?

Well.  Did you know that your site will come up VERY highly in organic Google searches if someone has you in a circle?  So now not only does your client have you circled, but so do people very much like your client.  Probably local people too.  You'll be on their Google maps.  You'll be in their search results.  Google will be all about hooking you guys up.

Besides, images look a MILLION times better on Google+.  Which is awesome too.

So, until the rest of the world catches up to the wave that we're right in front of, this is how we plan to use Google+ to easily drive organic business to us.

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