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Studio Gear 101

Studio Gear 101


Studio lighting can be overwhelming when you are just starting out!  There are so many questions!

What lights do I need? 

What modifiers do I need? 

Where should I place the lights? 

What should my settings be? 

How many lights do I need? 

Can I use one light? 

How do I get the High key look? 

How do I get the dramatic, moody lighting?

And more....... 


Well, we put together this FREE video, showing you exactly what gear we use in our studio!  You don't need it all, but we go over what each thing does, and how we use it.  

If you want to download the PDF with all the links to the products we use above and our suggestions on what you should get first if you are just starting out, you can do that by clicking the image below.  



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