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Knowing your gear

Knowing your gear

As a photographer, our gear is our livelihood.  It is what we use to make the money that pays our bills and pays for more gear.  It is one of the most vital if not the most vital possession we have as photographers.

Because of this, we need to take all necessary precautions to protect this asset.  Our gear is not cheap.

I have known photographers who have had gear stolen at weddings, or shoots.  They turn their back for just a couple seconds, and it is gone.  Gear has been stolen out of cars and houses.

What happens if your gear gets stolen?

First you need to have Insurance.  If you are taking photographs for anyone, you need to have insurance.  I am sorry but this is not negotiable.

Do not think it can't happen to you.  That you won't get sued, because you are shooting for free, or only charging $50 or that your gear won't get stolen.

There will also come times that in order to shoot at a specific location your clients want, the venue will require proof of insurance.  It has happened to us and it may happen to you at some point as you grow in your photography career.

We use Package Choice. We love them.

When you do get insurance, they will ask for some of this information.  So it is good to have on hand and ready.

Also I take photos of all my gear with the serial number showing.  I keep those for my records.  That way there is never any dispute that the gear was in my possession.

It is also good to register all of your gear!  If you are Canon go HERE. If you are Nikon go HERE.

If your gear is stolen, trying to frantically file a police report and trying to gather all the information about your gear is not something you want to worry about.

I have a spreadsheet that I created that lists the Make/Model/Date Purchased/Price Purchased for/ and most importantly the serial number of my gear.

I have uploaded this for you to have for free. :)  Start the new year off right!

Even if you are just a mom with a camera, you never know if your camera will get stolen or lost and this is a good resource to have.  :)



To find where your serial numbers are located on your gear, you can Google "Where is my serial number located on such and such lens or such and such camera".  I have uploaded a couple of photos of my gear, and where the serial numbers were located to give you an idea.  I only shoot Canon, so I am not sure if Nikon is the same.




To use this download the zip file by clicking on the spreadsheet above or by clicking HERE. 

I am sure that there are many other ways to keep track of your serial numbers and your camera gear. :)  This is just one of the many ways.  It works for me, and if it isn't broke don't fix it. :)  I love spreadsheets, and use them for everything!  From balancing our checkbook to all the bills for our house and when they are due and payments made, to photography expenses, keeping track of millage and all kinds of stuff.  If you find this helpful, maybe we will share our other spreadsheets in the future. :)

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