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Follow Your Art Artistic Presets for Lightroom and ACR - BEING DISCONTINUED

Follow Your Art Artistic Presets for Lightroom and ACR - BEING DISCONTINUED


Presets for LR4 and up and Photoshop CS6 ACR7.0 and higher

I am beyond thrilled to offer to you my second designer Lightroom presets Follow Your Art Artistic. When developing this set I wanted to included a wide variety of looks and styles which would embrace total freedom of creativity. Included are more subtle tones, muted and faded looks, nice contrasty deep colors, and a large selection of black and whites that are all sure to give your images a beautiful artistic flair.

Before you get started I would like to remind you that after you apply your preset please feel free to manipulate the sliders a bit to your liking if needed. I find if necessary I make minor adjustments to both white balance and exposure. I have made the presets as close to one click as possible but you may find you need to gently tweak your image just a touch for the best results.

My style of photography tends to be very specific to creative uses of light and emotion. I really wanted this set to encompass that style and bring out the best of my own personal work. I spent quite a bit of time developing and adjusting the presets to be very true to who I am as a photographer and artist. I hope that this set not only helps you to edit your own work but to also give you the tools to explore your own creativity and embellish your work.

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This set has been broken down into 8 styles of presets. Within each style you will find a big variation of effects that can be applied to your images. I have been thrilled to find that you will have great success finding many presets that will work well on a single image, the hardest part is deciding which one I like best

The first Style within the set is Lavish. Lavish is the biggest collection in the set and has the most variation and are very versatile. Lavish adds a slight lavender/blue tint to your image without drastically affecting your skin tones. There are many looks incorporated into the lavish collection, some with more of a faded feeling (Lavish) and some with more of a deep contrasty feeling (Lavish deep which is my personal favorite).

The next Style within the set is Lush. Lush is a sister preset to Lavish but I incorporated warmer tones. The Lush presets will also give you a variety of effects from smooth and painterly (Lush Rich) to a deep contrasted look (Lush deep). You have several options depending on the level of intensity you are wanting in both contrast and warmth. These are a favorite of mine and I used Lush deep often for warm lighting situations.

The next collection of presets are the glazes. These are a bit more specific in their use but I LOVE them. These presets tend to look the best on situations where the skin is darker than the background of the image. For example if their is bright window light, or a blown out sky, or a lot of snow, and the subjects skin is darker than the brighter light. It gives the image a bit more mute and recovers the highlights while popping the skin tones up nicely. I use these often and I adore the effect but you do want to be sure to use them on the appropriate lighting situation. All of the glazes will have a +wash, this will give your image a bit more of a washed out look and reduce the contrast adding a bit more matte. Try these for a more dramatic look. There are also warmer and toned glazes, so make sure to experiment with all of them to find your favorite.

The next collection are the Color Stains. If you like a nice popped colorful image with a hint of matte this will be the preset for you. The color stain presets will add a nice amount of contrast, color, vignette, matte and will look very polished with just one click. I find these to be very beautiful on images with fall tones or rich colors and warm light.

The next collection are the soft colors. These presets are a subtle and gentle shift in color tones and will add a soft toned wash to your image. I find these to very versatile for both indoor and outdoor images. I also love these on indoor lifestyle images. They add just a touch of contrast and color and are a gentle and clean edit for a subtle yet effective approach to editing your image.

The next collection is Pewter. This is my baby in this set and I am loving editing my images in black and white. I wanted to create a series of black and whites that had a nice classic, muted feeling. You have several choices that will vary in contrast, matte, faded highlights, and vignettes. I love these for all types of lighting situations and never have a hard time finding something to work in all types of light and contrast in the original image.  As with all presets please do not hesitate to make subtle adjustments to exposure as you apply your preset. This will allow you to customize your image. I am also loving that after I edit a session in color I can easily and quickly edit the whole session in a cohesive black and white fit quickly.

The next collection of presets is Color Fade. These are a lovely way to maintain the rich deep tones, while adding a subtle warm or cool toned wash to the highlights in your image. A simple one click edit and such beautiful results. I find these look great on several different lighting styles and add just the perfect amount of subtle goodness.

The last collection is the red hazes. I love these for a gentle shift to the red tones  and just the right lift in the skin and highlights. They add a nice smooth haze feeling with a pop of contrast if needed. I love the look of these in indoor lit images and natural light studio. I also find they work really well in backlit images.

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