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Purely Matte





This set has been almost two years in the making.  I started creating mattes to augment my personal family photos, especially indoors in the winter. I wanted something to soften the images and bring a sense of style while telling the story of my family in a timeless way.  


Then, as it always happens, my personal loves started bleeding over into my client work and my clients loved the mattes too.  Paired with a sumptuous deep matte paper, the images printed like magazine images or fine art photos and the stories became timeless and emotive.





You will find it will be hard to describe exactly what each action does, because each are incredibly nuanced.  They affect the tones and density of the shadows, midtones, and highlights all differently.  So a dramatic, deeply-shadowed image will render very differently than an image with bright airy tones, even using the same action--though they will be beautifully complimentary.  This set is about giving professional finish and polish to your images.  The style is not heavy-handed, though the opacity can be strengthened for a very dramatic look.  We kept the defaults at a classic styling that will always look polished without looking dated.

36 Actions are included to bring your photo that artistic edge or a clean and polished look. 








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This is a digital Download. No actual product will be shipped. You will be directed to a download after your purchase.


Due to the digital nature of our product, no refunds can be given.

We know the legal stuff is not as fun, but we want to let you know what the terms of use are.


The actions, presets, templates, images and videos themselves are the property of Pure, and each sale/download constitutes a licence to use the product.  Please do not resell, rehost, or give the actions/templates/videos away.  Please do not claim the actions/templates/videos/graphics (or the creation of them) as your own.  A license does not extend to multiple people in the same company.  You are welcomed to use the actions on personal and business images.  

You are not allowed to share, sell or give away anything that you purchase from Pure.  That violates the Terms of Use.

By purchasing you agree that you have double checked to make sure you have selected the proper editing platform, and that you have a basic understanding of how to use actions/presets and templates and how to install them and or a basic understanding of your editing platform.  

If you are found to have violated these TOU, you will be required to destroy all copies, under penalty of law.

But we KNOW you'd NEVER do any of the above stuff.  So let's have fun!

Pure Actions for Photographers