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Birthday Traditions

Birthday Traditions

Traditions are the bread that hold the peanut butter and jelly of childhood memories together.

Every year the night before a birthday, we sneak in and put balloons in the birthday girl or boy's bedroom.  We've done it for each child for the last few years and it is one of the things that they look forward to each year.

Even when it is not their own birthday, everyone knows that the Birthday Fairy comes on a birthday and they go off looking in the morning.  It is one of my favorite traditions we do for birthdays.  It costs about $20 for all of the supplies, but it starts their day off in an amazing and wonderful way. Even my almost-thirteen-year-old loves it!  Everyone loves to be the center of attention and feel special on their birthday.

Today Aspen turned 6 years old!

Brithday Balloon Bedroom Surprise

So last night I got the helium tank and balloons from Walmart/Target and got to work. :)

You can find the tank usually somewhere in their party section.  It comes with a bag of multicolored balloons and string.  I use the string, and sometimes I buy separate balloons (one pack of 15 balloons in each color... so 30 balloons total and $2 for the balloons).  The tank runs anywhere from around $19 to $24, depending on your location.



Then I get to work. :)  Sometimes I get the little doorway streamers, sometimes not.  It really depends on what I have on hand or what I can find when I go to the store.

These were all edited with Basic Workflow from our First Lightroom Preset collection.  Brithday Balloon Bedroom Surprise Brithday Balloon Bedroom Surprise

Here are a few cell phone shots from the last 3 birthdays in our house. :)

Birthday Bedroom Balloon Surprise Birthday Bedroom Balloon Surprise 2 Birthday Bedroom Balloon Surprise 3

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