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Customize your facebook fan page

Customize your facebook fan page

Have you seen those facebook pages that have pretty tabs at the top of their page.  Custom images and it all looks cohesive and pulled together, and wonder how they did it?

Here is how!  It is super easy!

First log into your facebook fan page and click the down arrow that shows you all of the tab options you have. 

You will then hover over one of the boxes that you want to change and you will see a pencil. 

click the pencil and choose edit settings.  There are some tabs that can not be changed once you choose edit settings you will be able to tell if you can't change the image, because it won't have the custom tab image option.

Select change next to custom tab image.  You will see the size restrictions for the image.  You can design it in photoshop or however you want. 

Hover over the current image that is there, and click edit.  Once you click edit you will see the sizes that are allowed and the formats.

Upload your image by selecting Choose file.  Once your image is uploaded you will see this. 

You can then navigate back to your fan page and check out the new tab image and make sure that it looks like you want it to look! 

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