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Diversifying Social Media

Diversifying Social Media

We've been getting so many questions on the hows and whys of our campaign to diversify our social media offerings.  We feel this will be the number one important thing for photographers and small businesses to do this year.  So we want to help and we walked through what we have learned and mistakes we hope to help people avoid as they deepen their social media roots!

These three videos go through Google+.  How to get set up and the critical reasons why to use it.  We feel like Google+ engagement is going to be a critical part of our success in the coming months and years.  Google+ engagement doesn't just end in Google+.  The more you interact and post and have people engaging with your content, the higher your website will rank in organic Google searches.  That is pretty darn critical stuff.  So we feel like being on there now and early is very important to our future growth and continued success.


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Over the last few month or so, we had started to see more and more people from our withering Facebook photography community trickling over into Google+, almost like refugees.  But since we finally made a bit of a public declaration on Facebook that we were intending to diversify and move to Google+ (and it was not just us, of course), it seems to have started a wildfire in the photography community.  Every day the new names and faces are exploding. The community is all about helping and sharing and lifting each other up. People are invigorated and happy. The gloom that had settled in on our little Facebook community is lifting.  People WANT to work.  They want to help.  They want to be part of something bigger.  To learn and grow and progress.  And that's what's happening right before my eyes here.  I am excited like I have not been in a LONG TIME.

Please consider coming and joining us.  Sometimes being proactive is what we need to feel like we have a voice, even if we are small.

Speaking of that, check our our Google+ account!  (It has cool content!)

A quick note:  In the coming months, we will be launching our new website which is currently under construction!  We are SO excited and this is so long overdue.  So, these blog posts might move around a little, address-wise, but they will still be here and we will be sure to let you know about the change as it happens!


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