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Follow Your Art Tapestry Photoshop and Elements Action Set - BEING DISCONTINUED

Follow Your Art Tapestry Photoshop and Elements Action Set - BEING DISCONTINUED


This set is all about nuance, flair, style and art. It is completely customizable, and it gives options for each taste. It has a finger on the pulse of now, but it stays true to the idea of purity, simplicity and classic styling. That’s how we do it at Pure. We never ever want anyone to KNOW you used our actions. We want your work to shine through, while we weave beautiful threads through each image, bringing out it’s unique beauty and styling.

Works in Photoshop CS and up and Elements 6 and up.

PLEASE NOTE:  That the ELEMENTS VERSION has a price difference, those upgrading from Elements to Photoshop for this set will need to pay the difference at the time of upgrade.  For further details, please refer to the upgrade policy in the zip file that you will download for this set.

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51 amazing actions total:

Simple Cotton–This action is a very simple, basic matte. It is a little lighter, but brings those blacks into that beautiful matted look. It is lovely on skin and gives it a smoother feeling. It is quite light at 100%, but at lower opacities, it can provide a very nice, clean finish. It pairs wonderfully with the Vignette to draw the eye into the image.

Soft Linen–A soft, bright, gently toned matte that is great for skin. Again, it can be a super look on it’s own, or turned down it can create a smooth finish to an image.

Deep Wool Matte–A deeper, darker, more soulful matte. This one pulls those darks and gives mystery, romance, and nostalgia to an image. Great on those darker, more shadowed images. But, it also can really bring down the exposure on a very bright image. So many uses in one action.

Rose Chiffon–Oh people. What can I say? This is a gently-toned rose matte. It is BEAUTIFUL and flattering on skin tones and brightens and warms so so gently. It is perfect as a matte, if that is your look, but it is also such a smooth finish to an image, if you turn down the opacity. We’ve been dying about how it looks on newborn images.

Flannel Matte–This is a matte that works on those brighter images. It can be so hard to find a good matte that works well on a newborn on white, without completely graying out the baby. It gently mattes the image without making it too mushy.

Bright Organza–This is a matte that works well with those deeper, darker, more underexposed images. It gives a very matte feeling and brings some of the tonal range into those deep shadows.

Red Brocade–a deeper, romantic red matte. I personally love it on sunset beach shots. With the opacity turned down, it is a very interesting finish to an image.

Warm Cashmere–This warming matte action has gotten a lot of love from the testers. It is beautiful on outdoor images and it adds so nicely to skin tones. It works wonderfully for those images in deeper cloud cover, when there are deeper shadows that need lifting. Again, always try multiple opacities to see all the ways this action can be used.

Burlap for Bright Images–This action adds a matte to the brighter images again. It goes about it in a different way, so using this or Flannel yield different looks, depending on the image’s tone and exposure.

Cool Taffeta–A cooler, more purple-hued matte. Varying the opacity leads to a lovely finish or an interesting matte.

Vogue Full–This is a totally fun popped matte. It’s hip and has contrast, and it still hangs with all the cool matte kids on the block. It’s fun and artistic. It is the stronger of the two Vogue actions we have and it seems to LOVE Nikon cameras. It can pull a little red with Canons, but a lowered opacity can help that a lot, as can the optional desat for the reds in the grouped folder.

Vogue Light–This one is still popped and slightly matted, but it is a little more conservative. It pulls less red and it works great with Canon cameras.

Damask–Smooth, luscious, contrasted, but soft. This black and white is so classic and elegant, you’ll want to use it on everything.

Blue Damask–This twists the Damask BW and gives a slight toning and contrast boost and it gives images a really cool feeling. It is a compelling BW.

Velvet–See what the raving is about. Our testers can’t get enough of Velvet. This action is aptly named, because the tones are so smooth and soft, but it doesn’t leave anything dull or gray. It has a, dare I say it, film feeling. I know film aficionados shudder to hear of actions that compare to greats, but this is modelled after Tri X, and I love it. Toss a little of the Dark Texture action on it, and people will think you’ve gone to film. (There is a stop in the action, as it adds a vignette, this is expected.)

Velvet for Batching–This is the same as the Velvet action, but it removes the Vignette portion, so that it is more easily batchable for large events.

Grosgrain–A slightly more frilly, bright black and white, in case all of the mood of the others is too much for an image.

Warm Twill–Oh these Color Tones are so fun. They are moody and artistic and fun. Warm adds that pop and finish, but a little warmth into the mix. Adjust opacity to taste.

Turquoise Chambray–Still fun and sophisticated, but that blue tone gives it a hint of sass too.

Yellow Muslin–Sassy and hip, this is gorgeous outdoors and on those field pics.

Cool Cloth–Cool Cloth is totally hip and stylish. It gives the most interesting contrast in the shadows that draw you right in to the image. It’s understated, but so so stylish.

Green Weave–Don’t let the color scare you. It’s subtle and so so interesting. It gives an artistic feeling to images. It is especially interesting on those dramatically-lit images. Give it a whirl.

Red Plush–SUPER interesting on evening city shots, this gives that red pop to an image.

Faded Denim–An interesting tonal treatment for your image. Muted, but rich. Not overpowering, but interesting.

The Textures–Add a little grain and texture to your image to give it more depth and nuance.

Vignette–To know Vignette is to love Vignette. This subtle, gentle vignette will draw the eye of the viewer, but never overpower or look cheesy. Please note: The top swatch in your color palette NEEDS to be white for this to work.

The Suedes–These interesting little color fill+contrast options are super fun. They are AMAZING when paired with the Vogue actions. But they can be used on their own.

Cool Satin Shadows–Warmer highlights, cooler shadows. It draws the eyes and creates interest.

Silk–Smooth those transitions, especially in the mattes. Shadows can get blocky and harsh, but silk smoothes those shadows. Make sure to paint back the details on the mask provided.

The Contrast Boosts–Lots of variations on contrast, if the mattes have you feeling dull. Toss in a little more contrast into the mix! Strong, gentle, smooth, pick your poison!

Golden Highlights–Ok, modesty aside, this is possibly the BEST warming action ever created. Seriously. I just have no words for how genius this action is. Perfection. Never too orange in the shadows.

Cool Highlights–What’s a warming action without a corresponding cooling action? This cooling action is gentle and soft.

Decrease Reds–When you matte the shadows, sometimes it can turn shadows into an unsightly red. If this happens in skintones, this action is very helpful.

Decrease Reds/Oranges–This targets a different shade of red, just in case this is the one needed. (We don’t want to pull too much color from the image.)

Decrease Exposure–Sometimes mattes really do work best on images that are a little darker, especially in the shadows. Brush this action on where you need a little extra depth.

Darker Darks–This targets just the shadows, in case you need a little boost.

Brighter Brights–Love this gentle mid-tone brighten. Leaves the shadows alone.

The Blends–The blends are awesome. The simple blends are literally a clean edit in a click. Simple Blend 3 will brighten faces, warm gently, and give a little vignette. It is the perfect base to run any other action.

Other blends are recipes others have found to be fun. Blend 1 works awesomely on those brightly backlit images. Bam, and done. Blend 2 has that oh-so-hip gray fill/gray skies, but bright colors. Blend 4 is a little bit of a pop/matte/clean edit all in one. And Simple Blend 5 is a simple clean matte edit.

As mattes are so light specific, each one might not work on every image, so experiment a little. Also, please adjust opacities to taste.

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Due to the digital nature of our product, no refunds can be given.

We know the legal stuff is not as fun, but we want to let you know what the terms of use are.

The actions, presets, templates, images and videos themselves are the property of Pure, and each sale/download constitutes a license to use the product.  Please do not resell, rehost, or give the actions/templates/videos away.  Please do not claim the actions/templates/videos/graphics (or the creation of them) as your own.  A license does not extend to multiple people in the same company.  You are welcomed to use the actions on personal and business images.  

You are not allowed to share, sell or give away anything that you purchase from Pure.  That violates the Terms of Use.

By purchasing you agree that you have double checked to make sure you have selected the proper editing platform, and that you have a basic understanding of how to use actions/presets and templates and how to install them and or a basic understanding of your editing platform.  

If you are found to have violated these TOU, you will be required to destroy all copies, under penalty of law.

But we KNOW you'd NEVER do any of the above stuff.  So let's have fun!

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