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Christie Hobson Photoshop Action Set - BEING DISCONTINUED

Christie Hobson Photoshop Action Set - BEING DISCONTINUED



These actions are clean clean clean. This is a classic, clean, timeless set with a workflow that stands alone or works seamlessly with other action sets.

For Photoshop CS2 and up and Elements 6 and up

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1) Barely OOF Fixer–This action alone solidified my belief that Christie is a Photoshop genius. You know how sometimes you get those images that are PERFECT, but just ever so slightly soft? Paint this image along key details of the image to bring them into clarity. It works wonders. This action needs to be started with the Background layer selected or from a flattened image.

2) Blushing in the Shadows–This action is signature Christie Hobson. It is incredibly flattering to the whole image. It very gently warms the shadows of an image, creating a beautiful, inviting image that is so subtle. Adjust the opacity to taste and mask where needed.

3) Burn the Details–This is a burning/darkening action. Paint the shadows for greater contrast and give the image greater depth and pop.

4) Catch Some Rays–Pink–bring some gorgeous pink sunlight into your image. It is subtle and gentle, but brings a warm, clean light to an image.

5) CHP Best Subtle Color Pop Ever–The name says it all. Try it. Adjust opacity to taste.

6) CHP Bright As A New Penny–Beautiful, sparkling eyes. Paint gently over eyes with a soft, low-opacity white brush.

7) CHP I Will Call It My Squishy–Soften the background and bring your subject center stage. Make sure to run this from the background layer, or on a flattened image. Mask your subject by painting them with a black, low-opacity, soft brush and adjust the opacity of the layer to taste.

8) Like Buttah–Give your image a perfect flattering tone. Adjust opacity to taste.

9) Soft Light Pop–Pow! Zap! Give your image some pop! Adjust opacity to taste and mask skin tones as needed.

10) Subtle Warmth–Not too hot, not too cold. Just right. Adjust opacity to taste.

11) Window Washer–Clean up your image with just a little brightening and pop. Adjust opacity to taste.

12) Workflow of Epic Proportions–THIS is the action that will knock your socks off. It is Christie’s full workflow, in ONE action. You can mask layers and adjust layers as needed, but one click and it’s all set up. It needs to be run on a flattened image to work properly. This action is not Elements compatible.

13) Face Cream–Soften and gently warm skin. Paint with a soft white low-opacity brush. Start from the background layer.

14) Highlight Recovery–Bring back details that are a little too bright. This action automatically targets the highlights, but if you want to more specifically target, you can paint with a soft, white, low-opacity brush on areas that are too bright and you want more detail in, and paint with a soft BLACK low-opacity brush on areas where you don’t want any darkening.

15) Instant Lens Hood–Too much haze? Not enough pop and detail? Instant lens hood to the rescue! Adjust opacity to taste.

16) Million-Dollar Smile–Gently whiten and brighten smiles. Use a soft, white, low-opacity brush to paint onto teeth.

17) Orange County BW–A lovely warm BW with optional bright tones.

18) Pop, Minus the Highlights–Give a bright image a little pop without pushing the highlight details too far.

19) Selective Sharpening–Paint areas of an image with a little extra pop. Run from the background layer.

20) Signature BW–Pop! Contrast! A gorgeous BW. Run from a flattened layer.

21) The Bomb Dot Com–Rich Colors and subtle pop.

22) Too Much Red–Christie created this one specifically for those reddish ears in backlit images. You can use it for that, or anywhere you have people that are just a little too red. Paint in with a soft, low-opacity white brush.

23) WB Palette–Rather than making a bunch of WB workflow actions, we felt we would give you the option to paint in WB where you needed it in the image and with lots of different WB options. Use a soft, low-opacity, white brush.

24) Zombie Relief–Use this action before a BW to help skin tones stay nice and not gray. Yay for no Zombies!

Photoshop CS2 and up OR Elements 6 and up

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